How best to thank a classy strip joint

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DEAR AMY: I live in a community that has one gentlemen's club. This club is an upscale, classy strip club with award-winning food. This business really takes care of members of the community -- from contributing to schools to supporting food pantries. It's really a cut above. Every year they offer free flu shots and a free buffet to seniors. My husband and I would like to bring them something to show thanks, but we don't know what would be appropriate to convey to all employees how much we appreciate them. Any thoughts?

--Grateful Residents


DEAR GRATEFUL: Let's leap right over any suggestion of tips slipped into G-strings. The "classiest" thing to do is to write a letter to the management, asking them to share it with their staff. Thank them for hours of high-class enjoyment, award-winning food and contributions to the community. This will prove that they have successfully paid off the community and will encourage them to continue -- which will in turn guarantee that they will continue to corner the market share of high-class entertainment in your town.

I know -- I'm such a cynic.


DEAR AMY: The letter from "Heartbroken" really spoke to me. I chose to have a "destination wedding" as a way to run away from and shun my dysfunctional family. I was a part of the problem, although I didn't realize or admit this at the time. Perhaps Heartbroken's daughter will be the bride in one or two more weddings (like I was) before she figures it out.

--Finally Functioning


DEAR FINALLY: I've received an outpouring of responses to the question from "Heartbroken," who described the family's sadness over the planning of an over-the-top European wedding that many family members and guests could not afford to attend. Prospective brides and grooms should be aware that these "fairy tale" events don't always work out for guests.