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DEAR AMY: I have been dating my boyfriend for five years. He performs in a band and uses Facebook to "schmooze" on behalf of his band so people will come out and see them play.

He claims he is not addicted to Facebook, but I have learned that he goes on the site many times a day. He even goes on Facebook and "likes" pages that have nothing to do with music.

When I asked him recently if he's been on Facebook lately, he said, "Not for a few days," and yet I know he's on it every day! I don't like Facebook; I think it creates trouble. How should I handle this? Help!--Upset Girlfriend

DEAR UPSET: Facebook doesn't create trouble, people do. You are not your boyfriend's boss. You are not his mommy. You don't even seem to be much of a band fan.

And now a question to ponder: Does your boyfriend use a telephone? Telephones are used many times a day. They have been used as "schmooze" tools to promote bands. And, sometimes, telephones get people into trouble. To fully control your boyfriend, you're going to need access to his phone. All calls should be screened.

Now I have some advice for him: Seriously, dude. You need to find yourself a new woman. Look for someone who is not threatened by your presence in this century.

DEAR AMY: I'm responding to the question from "More Anxious Than Ever," who was yelled at because her leashed dog went "potty" on someone's lawn. A dog is not a person. When nature calls, the dog goes. It doesn't think, "I'd better hold it until I get back to my yard." If everyone felt like you, that it's "disrespectful" to let your dog poop in other people's yards, even if the owner immediately picks it up, no one would ever be able to take their dog for a walk.--Dog Lover

DEAR LOVER: I realize this sort of thing can't always be controlled, and most readers agree with you.