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Forever 21 launches interactive shopping experience, 21st Street

Forever 21 launches online shopping experience, 21st Street.

Forever 21 launches online shopping experience, 21st Street. (Credit: Handout)

Tired of standing in lines and sifting through racks at the mall? Forever 21 hopes to give customers a better virtual shopping experience with their new launch, 21st Street.

Instead of seeing how maxi-skirts and floral bandeaus look on store mannequins, 21st Street shows customers pictures of real teens sporting Forever 21 looks. Shoppers can browse through images of style inspiration for both males and females. Like what you see? One click will bring you directly to the clothing and accessories featured so you can buy them for yourself.

Shoppers who use Instagram can upload photos of themselves showing off their Forever 21 summer looks with the tag, #F21xME for the chance to be featured on the "Wear It, Share It" section of the site.

21st Street also directs shoppers to the store‚Äôs updated blog site and social media accounts to get the style chats rolling.

Access 21st Street by visiting

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