YONKERS - The new Common Core curriculum is causing some parents to worry about their children’s progress.

The curriculum lays out course work in Math and English from kindergarten through high school graduation. Districts implemented the tougher curriculum last school year.

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"It's the speed of the implementation that is absolutely the issue at this point," says PTA mother Kelly Chiarella. "Linking the testing to the Common Core, linking the teachers evaluation to the testing, all in such a speed."

Valhalla School Superintendent Brenda Meyers says she is looking closely at what is happening in classrooms and that students need a year or two to adjust..

However, students were not given time to adjust, as they were already tested last spring with mixed results.

"This test is not comparable to a test we gave previously, and they've said students have to be able to perform at a different level and now we have to look at how do we make adjustments in our instruction and resources," says Meyers.

Officials in Albany announced today that 12 forums will be scheduled over the next six weeks to discuss Common Core. One forum is scheduled to be held in Westchester.