STAMFORD - Metro-North says one train will run hourly this weekend between Stamford and New York City to accommodate riders as crews continue their work on the New Haven Line.

The hourly service will operate between Stamford and Grand Central Station all weekend. As for the stations north of Stamford, a train will depart every hour from New Haven and make all local stops.

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Con Edison crews spent the afternoon testing a temporary substation in the hopes of easing commuter frustrations. They installed a temporary feeder line at the Harrison, N.Y. station to get electric trains running in time for the Monday morning commute.

MTA officials say 10 electric trains along with diesel trains employed after the outage and a number of shuttle buses could restore service to about half of what it was before the line failed.

Crews hope to restore the feeder in Mount Vernon that caused the outage by Oct.7.

Con Edison crews say they are tapping into the residential grid and they're not sure if that will have any effect on people who live in Harrison. Results of their testing were not yet available.

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Officials still do not know what caused the outage.