CRANFORD - Visitors to Cranford's downtown shopping district are angry over a private plaza's decision to place boots on cars parked in the area.

However, some employees at Cleveland Plaza say even they've suffered the same treatment.

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Tyler Phillips, a server at Lidia's Cuban Restaurant, which is next door to the plaza, says his car was booted while he worked Thursday. "I came into work and the dish washer said there's a boot on your car, and I had to pay $200 to take it off," says Phillips.

The property's new landlord tells News 12 New Jersey the lot is for customers only. Some tenants complained about a lack of parking, prompting the landlord to post signs warning about the new restrictions.

Parking Boot Service says it charges $100 for cars, $150 for vans and $250 for trucks. The company says it was contracted to provide the service and referred any questions to their attorney.

Restaurant owner Lidia Galvez says the policy is alienating her customers. "They're booting all the customers, all the people who come to support the local businesses and it's really hurting us," she says.

Town leaders say the property owner is within her rights, but they're keeping a record of the complaints.