WESLEY HILLS - A Wesley Hills doctor is heading to court next month over a dispute regarding dumpsters outside his home.

Dr. Jay Saunders says the dumpsters filled with construction debris have been blocking his driveway since October. Saunders says he hired contractor Murray Shaw of Segelman and Shaw Roofing to replace his roof this summer. The two are now arguing over money and Saunders says Shaw has refused to have the dumpsters removed until he gets paid.

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Shaw claims he completed the job and Saunders has a balance of around $10,000. Saunders says Shaw wants more money than he originally agreed to and that he never finished the work.

Saunders says he's called police five times about the dumpsters. He also has filed a complaint with the Office of Consumer Protection. The Village of Wesley Hills is now taking Saunders to court, saying it's his responsibility to remove the dumpsters.