EASTCHESTER - An Eastchester man died in the waiting room of a Bronx hospital after waiting eight hours to be treated, a wait time other patients say is expected at the hospital.

John Verrier, 30, went to St. Barnabas Hospital Saturday night to be treated for a rash. Eight hours later, he was found dead, slumped over in a chair in the emergency room's waiting area. 

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The hospital says his name was called over the PA system three times, but he never responded.

A hospital spokesperson says security checked on him and other patients at 2:40 a.m. and found him responsive. Four hours later, he was found unresponsive. Following an internal review, the hospital concluded all guidelines were met. 

Patients say the long wait is normal. Bronx resident Shirley Fwilo says her daughter had to wait 12 hours before a doctor could see her for a CAT scan. A hospital employee who didn't want to appear on camera says the ER is overcrowded and shortstaffed.

A cause of death for Verrier is still pending.