Alicia Keys is everywhere promoting her new CD, 'Element of Freedom,' which could be one of her greatest to date. Think her collaboration with Jay-Z for 'Empire State of Mind' was the best she has to offer? Think again! Her single 'Try Sleeping With a Broken Heart' is amazing.

PHOTOS: Alicia Keys through the years.

She recently spoke with Gotham magazine about love, fashion, music and her beloved New York City.

Her thoughts on love:  "Love does play a prominent role in the album because I believe love is the most important thing in the world. It's the one thing we can all understand."

On growing up in Hell's Kitchen: "You know, it's amazing to see a neighborhood change. When I was growing up, it was way darker, way more dismal, way more like the place where all the outcasts lived. So now, to see it more of like a tourist destination is really interesting... But one thing it always had was those bright lights, and it did always have endless possibilities..."

How being a New Yorker influences her music:  "Of course you'll hear New York in it because, you know, I am New York. So it's definitely in there, and that's where I live and what I know and where I grew up, so that element is just natural."

About her style:  "I love very big, beautiful neck pieces. I love head wraps -- I'm a head-wrap fanatic!"  

PHOTOS: Alicia Keys through the years.

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The March issue of Gotham magazine featuring Alicia Keys will hit stands March 1.

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