Books set on Long Island

From love stories to murder mysteries, Long Island beaches and communities have been the backdrop for more novels than just "The Great Gatsby."

Real LI communities

Nonspecific LI communities

Fictional LI communities

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  • Hempstead, N.Y.
    The fictional, tough town of Duck Alley is the setting for this novel about two boys growing up in the 1950s and '60s and struggling to stay friends despite their differences and a murder accusation. ... Zoom in
  • West Islip, N.Y.
    A Long Island widower, Jerry Battle, buys a small airplane to help him get a new perspective on and escape from his life. ... Zoom in
  • Shirley, N.Y.
    The fictional Long Island town Franconia serves as the backdrop for the story of the Samuelson family as they learn to persevere. ... Zoom in
  • Great Neck, N.Y.
    Jay Gatsby throws the most expensive and lavish parties on Long Island, but all the status and wealth in the world can’t change the fact that Daisy Buchanan is married to someone else. Gatsby’s neighbor narrates as the title character's attempts to win back Daisy lead him to nothing but tragedy. ... Zoom in
  • Levittown, N.Y.
    Rick and a band of his teenage friends show up at Sheryl's house in a quiet suburban neighborhood in an attempt to reclaim Rick's true love. Sheryl's dad and the other neighborhood fathers step up to defend their community while the neighborhood kids watch and describe the brawl from their bedroom windows. ... Zoom in
  • Glen Cove, N.Y.
    Wall Street lawyer John Sutter and his wife Susan get drawn into the violent life of Mafia don Frank Bellarosa as he takes on Long Island’s North Shore. ... Zoom in
  • Great South Bay, N.Y.
    The explosion at a fireworks factory throws the Poole siblings’ lives into chaos. Clay takes advantage of the upheaval to skip out of school, while Nancy gets wrapped up in the ash-covered stranger who appears after the explosion. ... Zoom in
  • Southold, N.Y.
    John Corey, an injured NYPD homicide cop, is spending his recovery time in Southold relaxing until two biologists from Plum Island are killed. The Plum Island Research Institute is rumored to be researching germ warfare. Corey’s search for the truth about the murders reveals dangerous truths about the Plum Island Animal Disease Center. ... Zoom in
  • Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y.
    Evan Shepard meets Rachel Drake after his car breaks down on her street. They marry quickly, but everything gets more difficult when they combine their families in a home in Cold Spring Harbor. ... Zoom in
  • Massapequa, N.Y.
    Eleven-year old Massapequa resident JR turns his lessons on capitalism into a massive paper empire and demonstrates how the American Dream can go horribly wrong. ... Zoom in
  • Sag Harbor, N.Y.
    A small African-American community in Sag Harbor offers a different kind of home to Benji Cooper, the only black student at his Manhattan prep school in 1985. Benji hopes to find a way to fit in with the summer community that he never did back home. ... Zoom in
  • East Hampton, N.Y.
    In East Hampton, Tom Dunleavy is the lawyer all the local employees turn to. When Tom’s friend is accused of murder near a movie star’s mansion, he has no choice but to ask Kate Costello -- a Manhattan superlawyer and his ex-girlfriend -- to help. Their search reveals a lot of surprises about their Long Island home. ... Zoom in
  • East Meadow, N.Y.
    The fewer than 10,000 surviving humans are clustered on Long Island, while the rest of the world is dominated by Partials, engineered organic beings identical to humans. The human race is dying out, and mandatory pregnancy rules have put them on the brink of civil war. Sixteen-year-old medic-in-training Kira works in an East Meadow hospital and tries to save humanity by uncovering humans' similarities to the Partials. ... Zoom in
  • Amagansett, N.Y.
    Conrad Labarde and Rollo Kemp are shocked when the body of a beautiful New York City socialite turns up in one of their fishing nets. Police chief Tom Hollis is convinced her death is the result of the intricate town histories and traditions of Amagansett. Labarde launches his own investigation as well. ... Zoom in
  • Hamptons, N.Y.
    Willow Tate writes a graphic novel about a 10-foot-tall troll in Manhattan, who ends up coming to life. Willow meets Agent Grant from the Department of Unexplained Events and must work with him to stop a murderer who wants to use the power of a Hamptons village to take over the world. ... Zoom in
  • East Hampton, N.Y.
    Sixteen-year-old Lang Penner spends his summer at retired rock star Ben Nevada’s East Hampton retreat and is surprised as the events of summer unfold. Lang comes out to his friends, reevaluates his relationship with his boyfriend and ends up falling in love with a girl. ... Zoom in
  • Farmingdale, N.Y.
    Bernadette McBride, a Farmingdale resident and mother of three, makes a wish and wakes up as a 12-year-old. She is shocked by how complex life has become and enrolls in her son’s class to enlist his help. Son Patrick is determined to find his mother and return his family to normal. ... Zoom in
  • Amityville, N.Y.
    The house that was the scene of a 1974 mass murder in Amityville causes its new residents to flee in terror. ... Zoom in
  • Long Beach, N.Y.
    The Corleone crime family’s compound was located in Long Beach in the novel about crime, family allegiance and the pitfalls of greed. ... Zoom in
  • Bayport, N.Y.
    Teenage brother and amateur detective duo the Hardy Boys solve mysteries in their hometown of Bayport. With well over 100 books, including “The Tower Treasure” and “The Submarine Caper.” ... Zoom in
  • East Hampton. N.Y.
    The body of “America’s homemaker,” Hannah Cutting, washes ashore in East Hampton and journalist Beecher Stow and book editor Alix Dunraven head there to cover the story. They team up to find the truth and uncover Cutting’s manuscript while dealing with the Hamptons’ most rich and famous. ... Zoom in
  • Great Neck, N.Y.
    A group of sixth-graders are plucked from their classrooms in the affluent town of Great Neck to confront the horrors of the Holocaust. They’re inspired to improve the world and focus their mission even more when a beloved older brother is murdered in Mississippi. ... Zoom in
  • Hamptons, N.Y.
    The search for the son she gave up for adoption years before leads TV news’ leading lady Baily Bender to the seedy end of The Hamptons and straight into the middle of a murder investigation. ... Zoom in
  • Hamptons, N.Y.
    Star prosecutor Frances Pratt returns to The Hamptons. As she investigates a murder, she uncovers dark truths about her family. ... Zoom in
  • Sagaponack, N.Y.
    The story of Sagaponack native Ruth Cole is told via three periods of her life. Readers see Ruth as a 4-year-old, an unmarried and unsatisfied author, and a 41-year-old widow and mother of one who’s searching for love. ... Zoom in
  • Bellport, N.Y.
    A high schooler in South Shore investigates the death of the basketball team’s manager and uncovers a story of hazing and brutality. Because of the team’s potential for success no one wants to ask the questions that need to be asked. The young reporter is threatened by everyone from the school principal to parents and police. Washed-up newsman Ben Mitchell steps in to assist, and even more horrific incidents are exposed. ... Zoom in
  • Brookhaven, N.Y.
    Brookhaven paleobiologist Richard Sinclair notices random, seemingly unrelated events and correctly suspects that the environment is waging war against humanity. Sinclair and a group of survivors must find the answers before the entire population is destroyed. ... Zoom in
  • Plainview, N.Y.
    Plainview resident and aspiring actress Claire takes a tumble in the shower and develops psychic powers. Claire's new ability send her life spinning into a tailspin. ... Zoom in
  • Great Neck, N.Y.
    Miriam has been living in Great Neck and keeping her talent for psychic readings a secret until her family falls on hard times and an agent proposes she markets her skills. Miriam struggles with the decision, afraid of being labeled an outcast and of losing contact with her trusted spirits but desperate to save her husband’s business. ... Zoom in
  • Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y.
    Hollis Sands travels to Cold Spring Harbor to escape the memories of her recently deceased husband. Her disbelief over his suicide, and the mysterious voices and guitar music from nowhere, make her determined to find the truth. ... Zoom in
  • Seaview, N.Y.
    Private investigator Lauren Laurano is relaxing in Seaview when a suspicious suicide demands her attention. The locals keep quiet about the incident, and the more Lauren learns the more afraid she is of the quiet town. ... Zoom in
  • Quogue, N.Y.
    Lapham is building his new house in Quogue directly across the creek from Harry March, who thinks Lapham represents everything wrong with modern society. Harry tries everything he can to have the 36,000-square-foot house destroyed. Harry’s confidante, his dog Hector, is a born-again Evangelical and a capitalist who supports Lapham. ... Zoom in
  • North Sea, N.Y.
    Sam Acquillo is divorced, unemployed and living in his dead parents' shack in Southampton’s North Sea. When his neighbor dies mysteriously, Sam is the only one who seems to care. As he investigates, he stumbles upon a lot of unexpected truths about himself and his community. ... Zoom in
  • East End Harbor, N.Y.
    A local journalist in East End Harbor is killed after making an error in an obituary. Justin Westwood, a former homicide cop from New York City investigates the murder and finds that everyone -- from the cops to a professional hit team -- seems to be working in tandem to keep Westwood in the dark. ... Zoom in
  • LIRR, N.Y.
    After missing his usual train, Charles Schine ends up on the same one as Lucinda Harris, and before long they are caught up in an affair that can ruin their marriages. Their relationship turns sour and they end up caught up in an even bigger, more horrific and violent scandal. Unable to go to the police, Charles is being manipulated by someone dark and dangerous. ... Zoom in

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