A high-energy O'Brien opens nationwide comedy tour

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Conan O'Brien, fueled by three months of unused comedy energy, kicked off a nationwide tour in Eugene, Ore., that evoked his late-night brand of edgy humor and brought a college-town crowd to its feet.

"I'm not supposed to admit this, ladies and gentlemen, but I really missed the applause," O'Brien said Monday. "You have no idea how shallow I am."

His journey from "Tonight" to an out-of-work guy to a reborn stage performer was the centerpiece of the show, with a helping of familiar bits like Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, songs from a guitar-playing O'Brien with former "Tonight" band members and a handful of guests, The Associated Press reports.

The gangly redhead worked the room hard, joking, dancing and even making costume changes that, at one point, included a pink leather outfit.

O'Brien's show comes to the metropolitan area on June 1 and 2 with two performances at Radio City Music Hall.

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