How does Angela Bassett react when she sees Michelle Obama wearing clothes by her friend, Tracy Reese?

"Ohhh, I feel extraordinarily proud," she said, beaming after Reese's afternoon show at Lincoln Center yesterday. "You feel like it's your sister or your family and you can identify with the moment because it's such an honor when she [Obama] has so many other choices." As for Bassett's choices at the show? "Drop-waist pants, a sequin evening skirt, and the chartreuse coat . . . I really liked that."

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"Don't ask me anything about fashion," said Shailene Woodley, at Rebecca Taylor's show on Saturday afternoon. "I know very little about it. I hate shopping and I don't buy anything new." She looked pretty good in a leather jacket and slim pants from Taylor's collection, and in our books, wins nicest celeb of the week (so far anyway). She hugs you when she meets you. Sweet.