How well do you know Beyoncé and Jay Z?

Jay Z and Beyonce perform on the "On

Jay Z and Beyoncé perform on the "On The Run Tour" at the Great American Ball Park Saturday, in Cincinnati, Ohio, on June 28, 2014. (Credit: Invision for Parkwood Entertainment / Robin Harper)

They live in Tribeca, they have a daughter named Blue Ivy, and they rub elbows with the Obamas: That's Beyoncé and Jay Z 101, but how much do you really know about hip-hop's most powerful twosome?


Jay and Bey opened the 2014 Grammys with a performance of...

Beyonce and Jay Z perform at the Grammy

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What is Jay Z's real name?

Jay Z strolls down a closed-off street with

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Which of these Lady Gaga songs featured Beyoncé?

From left, Lady Gaga, Billboard editor in chief

Photo credit: AP / Evan Agostini


Which year did Jay Z and Beyoncé get married?

Beyonce and Jay Z attend the HBO Documentary

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Which movie did Beyoncé NOT appear in?


What is the name of the sports bar/club that Jay owns?

From left, Juan "OG" Perez, Geno Smith, Jay

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How old is Beyoncé?

Beyonce performs live as she headlines the Virgin

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Which of these is NOT one of Jay Z’s nicknames?

In this undated image released by Beyonce.com, rapper

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Which of these is NOT the name of a fragrance by Beyoncé?

Beyonce in an ad for H&M's new summer

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According to Forbes, who is more powerful?

Jay Z and Beyonce watch Rafael Nadal of

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