One of the "Glee" Cheerios used another breakfast food to communicate her distaste for a castmate looking at other girls. Or did she?

Naya Rivera, who plays Santana, a member of the Cheerios cheerleading squad on the high-school musical series, lived up to her character's devilish name, according to Us magazine, when she allegedly egged and keyed a Lexus belonging to co-star Mark Salling, who plays bully turned glee-clubber Noah "Puck" Puckerman.

Though the two had dated, they were never exclusive, Salling's friend, singer Samantha Marq, told the magazine. "[I]t's hard to call it infidelity when they weren't officially together."

Yet an hour-and-a-half after Us posted the news on its website, Salling, 28, Tweeted, "Btw I don't even drive a Lexus," and later added, "Silly rumors, we're the best of friends," and posted a photo of them playfully roughhousing on the set.

This didn't stop from reporting that Rivera also pelted the car with dog food, and quoting a supposed eyewitness source:

"Naya and a girlfriend went to a liquor store around 1 a.m. and bought eggs and dog food. . . . They were laughing hysterically the whole time they were in the store [and] didn't seem drunk; they were just being silly."

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Radar later reported Salling's denial.

Which leads one to wonder just whose car Rivera, 23, allegedly keyed, egged and dog-fooded.

Her representative did not return Us' request for comment.