Going up on two wheels in a Hurst Hemi Under Glass has always been on Jay Leno’s bucket list, but a plan to make that dream come true took a scary turn when the one he was riding in crashed. 

A video for the series “Jay Leno’s Garage” shows the former “Tonight Show” host hop in the Hemi Under Glass with 80-year-old stunt driver Bob Riggle. The 2,500 horsepower car is known for having its engine in the back, allowing the front to raise up when the driver accelerates.

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Riggle, famous for mastering the stunt in the 1960s, manages to get the car on its hind wheels with no problem, but as the car comes back down and Riggle tries to make a sharp turn, the vehicle flips.

Leno and Riggle both escaped injury. “That shows you how good safety equipment is,” Leno says.