"Modern Family" star Jesse Tyler Ferguson is engaged to his boyfriend, lawyer Justin Mikita.

In a video posted at the website for the couple's newly launched organization, Tie the Knot, which advocates for marriage equality for gays and lesbians, Ferguson breaks the news in a comedy bit that finds him sitting on a couch describing "a project I've created with my lover," prompting an off-screen voice to interject, "Ooh, I hate that word" followed by a quick-cut montage of Ferguson trying other rejected terms, including partner, boyfriend, roommate and young ward before finally reaching "fiance."

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"Wha-aat?" Ferguson, 36, jokes. "It's true! I've popped the big Q!"

"I said, 'Yes!'" says Mikita, 27, walking into frame.

"A little too eagerly, if you ask me," Ferguson adds in a jokey aside.

The two then describe their organization's bow ties, the sales of which help fund gay-marriage groups.