Kelly Osbourne says that her mother, "The Talk" co-host Sharon Osbourne, once went so far as to have her institutionalized to try to curb Kelly's drug addiction.

"I've been to rehab seven times and to two mental institutions," Kelly Osbourne, 28, says in the new issue of Cosmopolitan's British edition. "My mum even had me put in a padded cell once to scare me but, like a brat, I just sat it out until she said, 'Well, that's not going to work,' but what I've learnt is that no amount of therapy or medication is going to work unless you want it to."

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The "Fashion Police" co-host, whose father is famed heavy-metal musician Ozzy Osbourne, added that she would hide her drugs from others. "I would never even tell anyone I had drugs because I wanted them all to myself. I was quite selfish," she says.

Ultimately, Kelly Osbourne says, she chose to fight her addiction. "What changed for me was looking around and seeing that nobody liked me or wanted to work with me."