Academy Award-winner Sandra Bullock is People magazine's choice this year as its annual "Most Beautiful Woman."

"Real beauty is quiet," the 50-year-old star of "Gravity," "The Blind Side" and other well-reviewed hits says in the issue of People being published Friday. "Especially in this town, it's just so hard not to say, 'Oh, I need to look like that,' " Bullock said. "No, be a good person, be a good mom, do a good job with the lunch, let someone cut in front of you who looks like they're in a bigger hurry. The people I find most beautiful are the ones who aren't trying."

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Bullock's naming marks a return to "Most Beautiful Woman," which, while bestowed since 1990, took a break last year when fellow Oscar winner Lupita Nyong'o was named simply "Most Beautiful."

Bullock, a single mom to 5-year-old son Louis, told the magazine that when she heard she was named People's 2015 "Most Beautiful Woman," "I just said, 'That's ridiculous,' " adding, "I've told no one."