Oscar-winner Sandra Bullock, who endured a highly public divorce from philandering husband Jesse James in 2010, says she is open to a new relationship, although she's perfectly happy as a single mother.

"If it should come along, great," she told Entertainment Weekly in its new issue, which named the "Gravity" and "The Heat" star its Entertainer of the Year. "But I feel like I'm not missing anything yet. Maybe one day I will. But my son [Louis] is 3 years old, which is an amazing age. Four is an even better age. So if something happens, great, but if not, I've got plenty to do."

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Bullock, 49, who won the Academy Award for 2009's "The Blind Side," also put her contentment into a larger perspective, saying, "When people are like, 'Life is so good,' I go, 'No. Life is a series of disastrous moments, painful moments, unexpected moments, and things that will break your heart. And in between those moments, that's when you savor, savor, savor.' "

She said she hoped her film projects in the near future would allow her "to still be a stay-at-home mom. I have a feeling that work is going to shift now because I don't want to drag Louis around to places."

Ultimately, she said, "I'm so lucky with what I have and I'm so in love with our life and our routine and how simple and how massive it is. But whatever comes along."