Don't expect to see Selena Gomez release anymore diss videos, or hear Justin Bieber sing "Cry Me A River" on tour. The two pop stars have agreed to put their grudges to bed and move on with their lives after their highly publicized breakup. A source close to the situation tells exclusively, "They talked about it and agreed that they should stop talking ---- about each other in public and on Twitter. They feel that it is best to be more adult about their breakup in the future."

Looking like a couple

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson seem to be more in love than ever and they certainly know how to have fun, even on a golf course. An eyewitness at Los Feliz Golf Course in L.A. tells, "Kristen and Rob were here Tuesday to play some golf and they looked absolutely adorable. I mean just super sweet people and totally down to earth. They definitely looked like a couple. They were holding hands while walking on the course, and at one point Rob put his arms around Kristen like he was showing her how to swing the club."

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