Delighted and delightful pop star Taylor Swift appeared for jury duty in Nashville Monday, where she signed autographs, posed for selfies and even offered a video greeting to a prospective juror’s kids and their friends.

“We just wanted to say hi” to six children whom a smiling Swift addressed by name in a 13-second Facebook video. “Have a great carpool, you guys. Be safe, wear your seat belts. Don’t text and drive when you are old enough,” she concluded.

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Among several tweeted photos was one by what appeared to be a teenage girl, showing an affable Swift posing with a smiling, middle-aged man. “When your dad has jury duty with taylor swift . . . ,” the girl wrote.

Swift, 26 — whose $170 million income made her No. 1 in Forbes magazine’s annual “Global Celebrity 100” list this year — was dismissed as a prospective juror on a case involving charges of aggravated rape, aggravated kidnapping and domestic assault, said Nashville NBC affiliate WSMV-TV. In a group of four women being questioned by attorneys, the station said, Swift responded that she has a sexual-assault civil case pending in Colorado, involving a DJ who had allegedly groped her.