Danza reunites with LI teacher

From August 2009 though June 2010, former Malverne resident Tony Danza taught high school English at Philadelphia's Northeast High for an A&E series and as a form or penance -- he was a tough student himself and wanted to make amends. On Monday's "Today" show -- promoting his new book based on the experience ("I'd Like to Apologize to Every Teacher I Had") -- he made more amends, by apologizing personally to his former Malverne High 11th-grade teacher, Douglas Dye, reports Newsday's Verne Gay. His former teacher recalled that he made the mistake of telling his students, including Danza -- who had just moved to Malverne from Brooklyn -- that his birthday was coming up. The next day, Danza arrived with a six-pack of beer. Said Danza, "Mr. Dye, I'm going to celebrate your birthday." Of his former student, Dye said: "He was very difficult to forget."