Zac Efron has been to rehab not once but twice, according to a new report that updates claims earlier this week that the actor had quietly completed a course of rehab five months ago. reported Thursday that the "High School Musical" star has been doing cocaine for more than two years and was also using a form of Ecstasy known as Molly. The site said he sought professional help in March, and checked into a private residence where he underwent several weeks of outpatient treatments.

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This is in addition to treatment he received in April that E! News and People said Tuesday they had confirmed. TMZ that day reported Efron's substance-abuse issues caused him to miss several days' work on the film "Neighbors" with Seth Rogen.

Efron, 25, next stars in "Parkland," an ensemble drama about the assassination of John F. Kennedy. He plays real-life doctor C. James Carrico, the surgical resident who was the first to examine the fatally wounded president at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas.