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Jax takes a long, hard look at her “American Idol” experience for her debut single “La La Land” (Jax).

In the song, the Atlantic Beach native talks about how producers told her and her family to call an Uber to get home after she was eliminated in third place last season.

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“Everything ain’t always what it seems,” she sings in the dramatic ballad’s chorus.

Of course, there were plenty of positives in her “Idol” experience as well, and several of her friends from her season, including Wantagh’s Adam Ezegelian and Bethpage’s Sal Valentinetti, also appear in the video.

“I was incredibly nervous about sharing this,” Jax says in a statement accompanying the YouTube video for “La La Land.” “It took a lot of courage to put this song out, because I have no idea how everyone will react. I don’t want anybody to get the wrong idea. I am beyond grateful for my experience this past year. . . . I would do it all again in a heartbeat.”

She says the video lets her explain herself. “It’s the closest I can give you to a backstage pass,” she says. “So before I move on and turn the page into my next chapter, I need this closure.”