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Even Mike DelGuidice isn't sure how he landed the opening slot for one of the biggest concerts in Nassau Coliseum history. But he certainly wasn't going to think about it too much.

"It's been a long road to get here," said the singer-songwriter from Sound Beach. "I just feel very honored."

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In addition to leading the Billy Joel tribute band Big Shot and working in Joel's band as a guitarist and backing vocalist, DelGuidice also writes his own material. That's what DelGuidice unveiled at the final concert at the original Nassau Coliseum -- including "Ordinary Guy" and "One Step at a Time," two ballads he released himself.

DelGuidice says he was playing cards in the Billy Joel Band dressing room two weeks ago before they played M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore, when Brian Ruggles, Joel's longtime sound engineer had the idea.

A few days later, Ruggles called DelGuidice and told him Joel loved the idea. "I was beyond thrilled," DelGuidice said. "It's not going to ever get better than this."