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The End Period sounds crazy on paper.

On the Massapequa quartet's debut EP, "Ghost Town" (The End Period), the band runs through so many styles from the past four decades it becomes difficult to nail down. There's a reggae vibe to the title track. "Follow" sounds like it could have come from the Long Island emo scene of the early Aughts. "Last Goodbye" feels like a mix of yacht rock verses and a jangle-rock-era college radio chorus.

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As odd as it all sounds, The End Period makes each of the songs work in its particular style, in part, thanks to the way singer-guitarists Greg Caprioli and Henry Weber make their voices work together. "Ghost Town" is a debut filled with promise and so many possible outcomes that it makes you wonder what will come next.

The End Period plays Ziggy's Corner Pub, 1 Central Ave., Massapequa, on July 31. For more information, go to