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"Shed," a 2013 acrylic painting by John Mansueto,
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"Shed," a 2013 acrylic painting by John Mansueto, makes it to the "Winners' Circle," a Gallery North exhibit of works by winning artists from September's Outdoor Art Show in Setauket. "Winners' Circle" opens Jan. 10.(Credit: Handout)

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'Winners' Circle' Show at Gallery North in Setauket

Gallery North's "Winners' Circle" show in Setauket, with works by artists and artisans who received first place awards at the annual Outdoor Show; Annie Sessler, Catherine Buckley, Justin Cavagnaro, John Deng, Anne Havel, Karen Kemp, Don Lindsley, John Mansueto, Denise Randall, Barbara Ringewald, Peter Robinson Smith and Mary Jane van Zeijts.