Adam Sandler tops this year's Forbes list of most overpaid actors, supplanting last year's topper, Eddie Murphy.

Sandler, 47, who the magazine said commands a salary of more than $15 million per movie, had two high-profile flops in the period covered, the past three years to June 1. "Jack & Jill," on an estimated budget of $80 million, grossed $150 million, which was less than needed to break even once marketing and other costs were factored in. "That's My Boy," with an estimated budget of $70 million, bombed with just $57 million at the worldwide box office.

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Katherine Heigl was in second place, thanks to flops including "Killers" and "One for the Money." Reese Witherspoon, whose films included "This Means War" and "Water for Elephants," was third.

Nicolas Cage was fourth, but the magazine noted its method does not include animated films. Cage's recent animated feature "The Croods" was a hit.

Making the list for the first time in fifth place is Kevin James ("Here Comes the Boom").