Two old pros show the kids how chemistry works in a romantic comedy in "And So It Goes," a love-the-last-time-around romp that'll give its target audience the warm fuzzies.

Diane Keaton dons one stylishly kicky outfit after another and all is well in this high-rent corner of Connecticut, where the perfectly coifed Michael Douglas plays her permanently grumpy Realtor neighbor.

They fight, flirt, annoy and court like it's 1979. This Rob Reiner comedy has the Oscar-winning heir to Hepburn and the Oscar-winning Son of Kirk in grandparent mode, just a couple of spry old-timers forced together when the grandkid he never knew moves in, and prefers the company of the neighbor lady who cannot stand him.

The widowed, boorish Oren Little (Douglas) is waiting on that one last big sale before retiring in tony suburban Bristol. After 44 years in the business, he's selling his priciest listing -- an $8 million mansion that was his home. Leah (Keaton) is a widowed lounge singer who fronts a jazz combo (Reiner plays the toupeed piano player) who cannot get through a set without talking about her late husband, and weeping. The tactless Oren is the last guy she'd be interested in, age-appropriate or not -- even after Oren shares his own widowhood woes.

But when his estranged, ex-junkie son (Scott Shepherd) shows up and drops Oren's granddaughter, Sarah (Sterling Jerins), on Dad as he heads off to prison, Oren's crankiness endures its toughest test. Leah steps in and that throws the two adults together, awkward though his pickup lines eventually turn out to be.

Mercifully, the movie isn't about the child. But the jokes, sight gags and comic situations never aim higher than "cute," and often fall short. Still, seeing these veteran players go through their paces, find their comic rhythms and probe for laughs where many a laugh has been found before is not a bad thing.

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PLOT An improbable couple shares a late-in-life romance.

RATING PG-13 (some sexual references and drug elements)

CAST Michael Douglas, Diane Keaton, Rob Reiner


BOTTOM LINE A little too cute, but the veteran stars make it work.