'Eddie Murphy Raw,' 'Bill Cosby Himself' and more edgy comedy concert films

In "Raw," comedian Eddie Murphy earned that R In "Raw," comedian Eddie Murphy earned that R rating. Photo Credit: AP

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With "Let Me Explain," Kevin Hart is the latest stand-up guy to have his edgy comedy showcased in a live concert film. But can his movie top those featuring these other comics?

RICHARD PRYOR: LIVE ON THE SUNSET STRIP (1982) -- Pryor's show-biz comeback following the notorious freebasing incident when he set himself on fire is an expletive-laden riot where he mines laughs from controversial topics including a gig at a Mafia-owned nightclub and his drug addiction.

BILL COSBY: HIMSELF (1983) -- The laughs go down as smooth as a spoonful of Jell-O pudding as the "Cos" offers his observations on topics from raising children ("My wife was a beautiful woman before we had children") to going to the dentist.

EDDIE MURPHY RAW (1987) -- The profanity-laced film shot at Madison Square Garden's Felt Forum sure lived up to its title as Murphy spent most of the film's 93 minutes riffing on his favorite topics -- sex and women.

THE ORIGINAL KINGS OF COMEDY (2000) -- It's four comics -- Cedric the Entertainer, Steve Harvey, D.L. Hughley and Bernie Mac -- for the price of one as they take on African-American culture, race relations, religion, family and more.

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