The songs and characters from Disney's "Frozen," released over a year ago, have infiltrated hundreds of homes across America — except for that of Kristen Bell.

The actress, who voices Anna in the box-office hit, told People that her daughter Lincoln, 23 months, has yet to see the film and that she's worried both her children, including 11-week-old Delta, won't like the film. 

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“I hope I don’t show them the movie and they both go, ‘Eh,’ ” Bell told People. 

Bell and husband Dax Shepard have been trying to follow the American Psychological Association's recommendation of not allowing children to watch TV until they're 2½ years old, Us Weekly reports.

Though Bell realizes that's a difficult task, the actress is looking forward to eventually showing the Disney hit film to her daughters. 

"Because one day when I show it to both my girls together, it will have significance to them and their dynamic," she told Us Weekly. "I'm really excited about that because I think it really says something really special about sisters." 

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Rest assured, Bell's daughters will eventually be singing "Let it Go" ?just like everyone else.