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"American Hustle" (2014): David O. Russell's caper comedy
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"American Hustle" (2014): David O. Russell's caper comedy inspired by the FBI's so-called Abscam operation, which was based out of Hauppauge in the late 1970s and early 1980s. It's up for 10 nominations, including a supporting actress nod for Jennifer Lawrence as a volatile Long Island housewife who nearly gets her con-man husband (Christian Bale) killed by mobsters.(Credit: AP)

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Oscar-nominated films with Long Island connections

What are the odds that Long Island and the Academy Awards would go hand-in-hand? Not as slim as you might think. Over the decades, many memorable films have been filmed here or set here, and we’re not just talking about “The Amityville Horror.” Here’s a list of 10 movies with Long Island connections that made it to the Academy’s red carpet. -- RAFER GUZMAN, rafer.guzman@newsday.com