First Liam Neeson got into the action-hero game, then came Sean Penn. Now, it's Owen Wilson's turn.

Wilson is the star of "No Escape," an international thriller set in Southeast Asia. Wilson plays a man trying to protect his family during a violent political uprising. The cast also includes Pierce Brosnan and Lake Bell. The studio, The Weinstein Company, released a trailer for the movie Thursday.

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It's an unusual move for Wilson, an actor known mostly for such comedies as "The Royal Tenenbaums," "Zoolander" and "Night at the Museum." Though Wilson starred in a couple of action comedies with Jackie Chan ("Shanghai Noon" and "Shanghai Knights"), this new film appears to be serious business. With its images of riots, fist-fights and helicopters, "No Escape" promises large-scale action, explosions and stunts.

Neeson clearly started this trend with "Taken," the stripped-down action flick from 2008 that proved a surprise hit and spawned two sequels. Sean Penn follows this month with "The Gunman," which also includes an element of political unrest in a foreign locale.

"No Escape" is set for release September 2.