Movie summers over the past few years have become numbingly monotonous. Franchise film follows reboot, follows sequel or prequel, follows new flick with mix-and-match superheroes, follows film based on a toy, or a game, or a theme park ride. If you don’t like this kind of product, then you mostly have to wait until after Labor Day for something different. This absence of studio creativity is not just boring, but probably a major reason why several franchises, like “Pirates of the Caribbean,” were obviously suffering from exhaustion and pretty much tanked this summer.

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It was also a major reason why the seasonal box office was down more than 12 percent from last year. Audiences are getting tired of the same old same old, and moving onto other things — like “Game of Thrones” or streaming services.

Still, there are always glimmers of sunshine amid the gloom. Herewith, the winners and losers of summer 2017.