The ultimate 'Twilight' trivia quiz

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in a scene Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in a scene from "The Twilight Saga: New Moon." Photo Credit: Summit Entertainment

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1. What special "power" does Jasper possess?
A: Mood control
B: Mind reading
C: Knowing the future
D: Mind torture

2. Which of the movie's actors/actresses contributed music to the "Twilight" soundtrack?

A: Nikki Reed
B: Kristen Stewart
C: Robert Pattinson

D: Taylor Lautner

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3. What did Jacob and Bella do together when they were kids?
A: Play cowboys and indians
B: Make mud pies
C: Go hunting in the woods
D: Have tea parties

4. Which two of Edward's siblings use the last name Hale?
A: Jasper and Alice
B: Emmett and Alice
C: Rosalie and Emmett
D: Rosalie and Jasper

5. Which young actress plays the part of Jane, a vampire and member of the Volturi?
A: Dakota Fanning

B: Hayden Panettiere


C: Peyton List
D: Elle Fanning

6. Where was Bella during the fight sequence in Eclipse?
A: Phoenix
B: Her house in Forks
C: The Cullens' house
D: At the top of a mountain

7. In Eclipse, what is the name of the newborn vampire who surrendered herself to the Cullens?
A: Amy
B: Candice
C: Bree
D: Evelyn

8. At the end of "Twilight," what message does Jacob give to Bella from his father?

A: "We'll be watching you"
B: "I hope your leg is feeling better"
C: "Break up with Edward and date my son"
D: "Stay away from the Cullens"

9. In "Twilight," Alice has a vision about where James is heading in pursuit of Bella. Where is it?

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A: Bella's mother's house
B: Bella's childhood ballet studio
C: Jacksonville, Fla.
D: Forks High School

10. What book did Bella fall asleep reading in the beginning of "New Moon"?
A: "The Great Gatsby"
B: "Othello"
C: "Romeo and Juliet"
D: "Wuthering Heights"

11. What did Jacob give Bella for her 18th birthday?
A: A dream catcher
B: A motorcycle
C: A book of Quileute legends
D: A bouquet of flowers

12. What movie did Bella and Jessica go to see in Port Angeles during "New Moon"?
A: "The Dead Come Back"
B: "The Shining"
C: "The Bride of Frankenstein"
D: "Titanic"

13. Werewolves bond with mates through a process called "imprinting." Who has Sam imprinted with?

A: Bella
B: Emily
C: Alice
D: Leah

14. Who, does Edward say, previously owned the engagement ring he gives to Bella?

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A: Esme Cullen
B: Elizabeth Masen
C: Rosalie Hale
D: Renee Dewar (Swan)

15. Which member of the Cullen clan previously spent time as a member of the Volturi?
A: Rosalie
B: Edward
C: Alice
D: Carlisle


Answers: A, C, B, D, A, D, C, A, B, C, A, A, B, B, D

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