100 songs Long Islanders should know

As we prepare for the upcoming Long Island Music Hall of Fame Induction Gala on Oct. 18 at the Paramount in Huntington, we wanted to pull together a list of the songs that should be a source of civic pride.
These are the 100 songs every Long Islander should know -- songs by people from here, about here, and written and recorded here, that also have changed the world of music. And by here, we go along with the LIHoF's definition of Long Island: Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau and Suffolk.


3. "Walk on the Wild Side," Lou Reed

The Freeport native's tale of some of the stars of New York's nightlife remains his biggest pop hit, reaching an unlikely No. 16 in 1973 considering its direct references to transsexuals, drug use, prostitutes and sex would be considered risque for pop radio even today. Reed also refers to Massapequa Park actress Candy Darling, who he immortalizes as "Candy came from out on the Island -- in the backroom she was everybody's darling." Reed's lyrics became part of pop culture, as did the idea of a "wild side" for a city or a person, while the music and memorable refrain have become references themselves, used in hip-hop classics like A Tribe Called Quest's "Can I Kick It?"

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