'A Thing Called Divine Fits' review

"A Thing Called Divine Fits."

"A Thing Called Divine Fits." (Credit: Handout)

Divine Fits' debut album, "A Thing Called Divine Fits" (Merge), is the musical equivalent of those "What If?" Marvel comic books. Instead of wondering what would happen if Spider-Man joined the Fantastic Four, we learn what it would sound like if Spoon's Britt Daniel joined Handsome Furs or how Handsome Furs' Dan Boeckner would fare in Spoon. (Spoiler alert: Amazing.) Daniel gets his electro-groove on for "My Love Is Real," which takes Handsome Furs' synthy-rock and filters it through The Cure. And Boeckner warms up the spare, angular rock of "Baby Gets Worse." Let the indie-rocker freakout begin!

DIVINE FITS "A Thing Called Divine Fits"


BOTTOM LINE Sleek, smart indie rock

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