British singer Adele became momentarily emotional during her opening remarks at a concert Sunday, which she dedicated to the Orlando gun-violence victims.

“I would like to start tonight by dedicating this entire show to everybody in Orlando and at Pulse nightclub last night,” the Grammy- and Academy Award-winning singer, 28, said to audience cheers and applause at the Sportpaleis in Antwerp, Belgium, in a video posted at Monday. On Sunday, a gunman murdered 49 patrons of the gay club in Orlando, Florida, injuring at least 53 more before killed in a shootout with police.

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“The LGBTQ community, they’re like my soul mates since I was really young,” she continued, “so,” she added, her voice breaking, “I’m very moved by it.”

As the audience again cheered and applauded, Adele covered her emotional response by joking, “I don’t know why I’m crying already, because most of this tonight is pretty miserable because my songs are . . . miserable.”

Dozens of entertainers, artists, authors and others have posted comments expressing shock and outrage on social media. “I pray for all the victims families during this shooting epidemic. That their pain be met with compassion and support from the world,” tweeted Lady Gaga. “It’s a traumatizing & emotional time for a many people. I dream of the world reflecting on what we can do to change this violence.”

Beyoncé on Instagram sent “condolences and prayers to Orlando,” while Reese Witherspoon tweeted, “I’m heartbroken by this tragedy. Praying for Orlando and the suffering created by this senseless violence.”

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“Sending strength to our #Orlando victims & their families,” Dwayne Johnson wrote on Twitter. “Very angry, but you can’t break what you didn’t build. We will rise & persevere.”