After last season’s domination by the guys, this year’s “Idol” class has some big shoes to fill. But they just might have them. So far, there have been far more memorable guys than gals auditioning this pre-season.
    We’ll see how they stack up when they hit the stage tomorrow night.

Here's the report:

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Lee Dewyze. A decent singer, who seems a little out of his league.
Andrew Garcia. One of the season’s frontrunners, with a great voice and a high level of musicianship and ingenuity, turning “Straight Up” into a soulful ballad.
Tyler Grady. A ‘70s-loving guy, who sings like Daughtry and has a bit of the Glambert flair, he could be one of the season’s surprises.
Todrick Hall. As one of Fantasia’s one-time back-up singers, he has the voice and the training, but he also showed off some attitude that could be a problem for him, both with fans and judges.
Casey James. The bluesy country singer has already attracted attention for taking off his shirt and connecting with Kara Dioguardi. Luckily, it seems he has the voice to back it up.
Aaron Kelly. Already dubbed the country version of David Archuleta, the 16-year-old could go far thanks to the texting fingers of tweens everywhere.
Alex Lambert. The only one from the struggling “Dreamers” to make it to the Top 24, Lambert seems to have a good voice, though we haven’t seen him do much else.
Michael Lynche. The Astoria body-builder has a good voice and a great back story (not to mention a new baby) that will easily take him to the finals.
Joe Munoz. The 20-year-old Californian hasn’t been seen, you know, singing yet, but seems nice.
John Park. The 21-year-old from Evanston, Ill., hasn’t gotten much camera time either.
Jermaine Sellers. The church singer from Joliet has a great voice, but he’s got a problem with over-singing. Whether he figures that out in time will determine his chances.
Tim Urban. The last-minute replacement for Chris Golightly, who was eliminated on a rules violation, Urban will have to win over the judges as well as fans.

THE CONTENDERS: Andrew, Tyler, Casey
ON THE BUBBLE: Aaron, Alex, Michael, Todrick, Jermaine

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PHOTO: "American Idol" Top 12 Guys for Season 9, front row, from left, Andrew Garcia,  John Park, Tyler Grady, Joe Munoz and Jermaine Sellers; back row, from left, Lee Dewyze, Aaron Kelly, Tim Urban, Michael Lynche, Todrick Hall, Casey James and Alex Lambert.