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Adele enjoys an "SNL" bump

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Well, well. Apparently, “Saturday Night Live”’s current hot streak isn’t just helping generate publicity for presidential candidates or aiding NBC’s Thursday night’s ratings. (Maybe it’ll even help Tina Fey with “30 Rock”!) This Saturday’s ratings bonanza, thanks to an appearance by Gov. Sarah Palin and a gangsta rap from Amy Poehler, also ended up helping musical guest Adele.

The singer hasn’t matched the success of fellow British newcomers Leona Lewis and Duffy so far, even though her “19" album and live show is just as powerful. But that may be changing thanks to “SNL.” The day after her appearance, Adele’s “19" album rocketed to No. 1 on iTunes and the Top 5 on, while her single “Chasing Pavements” jumped into the Top 25.

It’s almost like the good ol’ days, back in the late ‘90s and early ‘00s when there was always a noticeable “SNL” bump, when even reruns of the show could push an album into the Top 10. The pop culture landscape is more fractured now, but as Adele’s boost shows, it’s still possible to unite it every now and then.


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