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Eve 6 @ Gramercy Theater, 5.7.12

Eve 6 -- Jon Siebels, Max Collins, Tony

Eve 6 -- Jon Siebels, Max Collins, Tony Fagenson -- released "Speak in Code," their first album in nine years, in April 2012. (Credit: Lisa Johnson)

Eve 6's Max Collins clapped with hands overhead, encouraging fans at the Gramercy Theater Monday night to do the same.

“You've got to participate in your own personal 'rockovery,' ” he told the crowd. And they believed him.

After all, the band has had an amazing “rockovery” of its own. Celebrating the recent release of “Speak in Code,” the band's first album in nine years, Eve 6 – Collins, drummer Tony Fagenson and guitarist Jon Siebels – looked and sounded like a band in the prime of its career, not one just off a long hiatus.

For 75 minutes, the band expertly wove together songs from across its catalog and looked like it was having a blast doing it.

It takes a certain kind of band to make songs that they wrote in high school work more than a decade later, but Eve 6 does it easily. It doesn't hurt that “Inside Out” and “Leech” are still great pop-rock songs that don't show their age at all, or that they're massive sing-alongs for the gathered faithful.

However, it's actually the new stuff in the set that showed that the band's best days still lie ahead. The current single “Victoria” plays out even better live than on record, as Collins' delivery makes the song's good-time paranoia sound even more believable. And “BFGF” struts even more, merging Green Day with Weezer. The live version of “Pick Up the Pieces” sounded much more like The Replacements circa “All Shook Down” than anyone would ever have expected.

All of this suits Eve 6. Collins seemed far more at ease and more engaging than he really ever has onstage and the band is just starting its tour.

We could all use this kind of “rockovery.”

SET LIST: Situation Infatuation / Promise / Amphetamines / BFGF / Think Twice / Leech/ Nightmare / Lost and Found / Here's To The Night / At Least We're Dreaming / Pick Up the Pieces / Victoria / Tongue Tied / On the Roof Again / Inside Out / Open Road Song // ENCORE: Anytime

Pictured: Eve 6 -- from left, Jon Siebels, Max Collins, Tony Fagenson -- played at the Gramercy Theater Monday night.

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