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Justin Bieber's "Baby" gives birth to multiple covers

Justin Bieber performs at the Riviera Theater on

Justin Bieber performs at the Riviera Theater on Thursday, April 15, 2010 in North Tonwanda, N.Y, as a part of the KISS 98.5 School Spirit Award contest to benefit Women & Children's Hospital. (Credit: AP Photo/HARRY SCULL JR)

Justin Bieber’s legions of rabid, sometimes riot-inducing fans have proven themselves savvy enough to outsmart Twitter’s new trending topic rules. But how will they react to all the acts tapping into “Bieber Fever” by covering his smash “Baby”?

Last week, teen sensation Charice, who appeared on “Oprah” with Bieber, entered the fray with her version, which has a bit more of an R&B leaning than the original. (Of course, The Bieb’s version has just earned him a BET Awards nomination, so how much more “soul” does it need, right?) She even handles Ludacris’ rap by herself.

Capitol Records’ boy band Varsity Fanclub even went as far as creating their own music video to go with their super-sweet version, while Hollywood Records’ Allstar Weekend add an acoustic guitar and a bit more rock on their take.

However, it’s Baldwin native John Nolan’s echoing, indie-pop take on “Baby” that has the best chance of getting a life of its own. “It’s one of the best pop songs I’ve heard in a long time,” says Nolan. “I just had to give it a shot."

Nolan is a little too busy these days – after rejoining Taking Back Sunday – to make a video for his version, of course. Nevertheless, maybe his “Baby” will introduce some of his fans to “Bieber Fever.”

<a href="" _fcksavedurl="">Baby by John Nolan</a>

PHOTO: Justin Bieber by Harry Scull Jr. for Associated Press

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