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Matthew Koma unveils 'One Night' single, video

Seaford native Matthew Koma released his debut major-label

Seaford native Matthew Koma released his debut major-label single "One Night" on April 2, 2013. (Credit: Interscope)

Matthew Koma says that when he wrote his new single “One Night,” he knew he had to basically start over on his major-label debut album.

“I rewrote and rerecorded the whole record in four or five weeks,” says the Seaford native. “[‘One Night’ inspired the record . . . It was definitely the firestarter.”

Koma hopes “One Night,” released Tuesday, will also be the firestarter for his career, launching his upcoming album “Arcadia,” due out later this year on Cherrytree/Interscope. His release follows his chart-topping dance hits with Zedd (2012’s top dance hit “Spectrum”) and Alesso (“Years”).

Those successes have affected Koma’s view of himself as an artist and “One Night” showcases those changes, as he puts his distinctive voice and delivery in the forefront of the song, matching his clever, catchy lyrics comparing his love to bubble gum.

“I’ve never thought of myself as a singer — I’ve always just used my voice as a vehicle to deliver songs,” says Koma, currently on a European tour opening for Ellie Goulding and planning an American tour this summer. “I think this past year, having featured and written on so many EDM songs, there’s been more attention than I ever had on my voice. I think even I have become more aware of it being something viable for people to relate to on an emotional level or even just a recognition level.”

“It became something that I became a little bit more comfortable just wearing because I don’t think I’ve ever really been known for that,” continues Koma, who currently has three songs he co-wrote on the dance charts. “I’ve always been known for writing lyrics or being in a band but not necessarily for ‘Oh, I love that guy’s voice!’ It’s sort of a new chapter.”

The video for “One Night” also marks a new chapter, the first in what will likely be a string of clips directed by Cameron Duddy, best known for his work with Bruno Mars and who Koma calls his “visual match.” Koma says his alter ego from the clip Boy Orbison is also expected to return in future videos.

“Growing up in the ‘90s, videos didn’t always have to be a high art sort of thing,” Koma says. “Sometimes, they were fun. And I always found myself more attracted to artists who had an element of not taking everything they did too seriously . . . I’m not one of the most serious people on planet Earth. The video was fun and felt good.”

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