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No Doubt returns with 'Settle Down'

Gwen Stefani is a singer-songwriter and fashion designer

Gwen Stefani is a singer-songwriter and fashion designer who is the lead vocalist for the rock and ska band No Doubt. She recorded her first solo album, "Love. Angel. Music. Baby." in 2004. The solo album sold over 7 million copies. The album's third single, "Hollaback Girl," was the first U.S. digital download to sell one million copies. Including her work with No Doubt, Stefani has sold more than forty million albums worldwide and won the world's best-selling new female artist award at the World Music Awards 2005. Stefani also has her own clothing line. (Credit: Getty Images )

Hey baby, hey baby, hey! No Doubt is back with “Settle Down,” the first single from “Push and Shove,” the band's first album in 11 years.

“Settle,” which debuted online and went on sale at iTunes on Monday, nicely balances the band’s ska roots with Gwen Stefani’s poppier persona to create a sweet summer jam that still pushes the envelope oh-so-slightly. (The album version, extended to a hefty six-minutes-plus, even has a cool dub-influenced outro that offers a bit more edge.)

Produced by Spike Stent, the chorus is a staccato mix of percussive words and clattering drums that is immediately catchy. But it’s the pre-chorus, where Stefani declares, “I’m hella positive, for real, I’m all good,” that proves most irresistible. While No Doubt has been away so long that it’s easy to forget their impact, it sure is nice to have them back.

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