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Week 3: Pick your favorite Long Island song

79. ?Taxi,? Harry Chapin

79. “Taxi,” Harry Chapin (Credit: Getty Images)

Billy Joel ran away with the readers' vote in last week's installment of “100 Songs Every Long Islander Should Know,” but his vote totals still didn't match Straylight Run's “Your Name Here (Sunrise Highway).”

“The Downeaster 'Alexa'” landed 46 percent of the vote last week, easily outpacing the Week 2 competition.

For those keeping track at home, the current standings among readers is: 1. Straylight Run, “Your Name Here (Sunrise Highway)” 2. Billy Joel, “The Downeaster 'Alexa'” 3. The Weather Girls, “It's Raining Men” 4. The Movielife, “Jamaica Next” 5. Bayside, “Montauk”

(By the way, you can keep voting for the songs from last week or any other week here on Backstage Pass. We'll tally all the votes at the end and see which of the songs was the readers' favorite.)

Will this week's list, with heavy-hitters including Harry Chapin, Joan Jett, Kiss, Nicki Minaj and Marc Anthony, shuffle the standings? We'll find out.

PHOTO: No. 79 Harry Chapin, “Taxi”

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