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'X Factor' recap: Restless Road roars into Top 12

Restless Road, put together by Simon Cowell to

(Credit: FOX)

As “The X Factor” finally gets to its live rounds next week, the reality of its limited talent pool becomes clearer. Unlike previous years where there were several strong possibilities, this time out, it’s a bit thin.

Here’s a look at how the night played out:

GIRLS (Team Demi Lovato)

ELLONA SANTIAGO: Her weird, reggaeton-ish version of Britney Spears’ “Til the World Ends” would...

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'The Voice' recap: Matthew Schuler now early fave

Matthew Schuler performs "Cosmic Love" in the final

(Credit: NBC / Tyler Golden)

The lineup for “The Voice” live shows is finally set, with the Top 20 set to compete starting next week. While it looks like Adam Levine may have the toughest team, Christina Aguilera should be able to ride with Matthew Schuler right into the finals after last night’s stellar performance. Here’s how the night went down:

TEAM ADAM: Lina Gaudenzi vs. Preston Pohl Lina’s version of Etta James’...

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'The Voice' recap: Tessanne Chin rules first knockout round

Tessanne Chin advances on the first night of

(Credit: NBC / Tyler Golden)

The first of the knockout rounds once again shows the importance of picking the right song. Because we’re not at the point where the coaches will veto the singers’ choices, they’re on their own. And that actually turned out to be a bigger problem than you’d expect.

Here’s how the night shook out:

TEAM CHRISTINA: Amber Nicole vs. Josh Logan This battle may have been over as soon as the...

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Lou Reed remembered by David Bowie, Morrissey, more celebrities

Lou Reed, left, and David Bowie attend the

(Credit: Getty Images)

Tributes for the legendary Lou Reed keep pouring in as word gets out about the legendary Freeport native’s death Sunday in Southampton after battling liver disease.

John Cale, who co-founded the Velvet Underground with Reed, said in a statement, “The news I feared the most, pales in comparison to the lump in my throat and the hollow in my stomach. Two kids have a chance meeting and 47 years...

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Intro 10.28.13: Videos from Drake, Jessie Ware, Sparks and more

Drake: 85% rapper/15% actor. Biggest role: Jimmy Brooks,

(Credit: Getty )

Just hold on, Drake’s “Would You Like a Tour?” Tour finally arrives at Barclays Center Monday night.

Intro brings you the week’s hottest videos and shows every Monday. To catch up on all the Intros and watch classic Long Island music scene videos, check out Newsday Music’s YouTube channel at


DRAKE, “Hold On, We’re Going Home.”...

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'The Voice' recap: Preston Puhl rocks final battle round

Barry Black and Preston Puhl perform "I Wish

(Credit: NBC)

The final battle rounds offered a few surprises and sets the stage for the Knockout Rounds next week, as the Top 32 becomes the Top 20 in a hurry. (Carson Daly announced that each coach gets a steal in the Knockout Rounds, meaning that they go into the live shows with five people on their teams.)

Here’s how the final battles shook out:

TEAM CEELO: Jonny Gray vs. Shawn Smith, “Refugee”...

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'The Voice' recap: Will Champlin surprises battle rounds third night

Will Champlin and James Wolpert get feedback from

(Credit: NBC/Trae Patton)

The third night of the battle rounds was all about potential. Unlike recent seasons, there’s no front-runner on “The Voice” this year, meaning someone is going to actually take the mentors’ advice and somehow learn to be a star. That should make for good TV.

There were plenty of possibilities in the third round:

TEAM CHRISTINA: Josh Logan vs. Michael Lynch, “Harder to Breathe” In the...

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Intro 10.21.13: Videos from Nine Days, Fiona Apple, Franz Ferdinand and more

Nine Days, the St. James-based band with the


Nine Days unveil their first album in 10 years, “Something Out of Nothing,” at The Boulton Center Friday.

Intro brings you the week’s hottest videos and shows every Monday. To catch up on all the Intros and watch classic Long Island music scene videos, check out Newsday Music’s YouTube channel at


NINE DAYS, “If I Am.” At Boulton...

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Pearl Jam's wild Barclays Center night

Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam had a wild

(Credit: Getty Images)

Few bands can match Pearl Jam’s ability to cause chaos and then conjure beauty minutes later.

At Barclays Center Friday night, for the first of two shows there, the veteran rockers may have outdone themselves.

Pearl Jam have long used the push of punk rock and the pull of pretty, contemplative pieces to balance their sets and their albums. However, the combination of the raucous “Porch”...

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Billy Joel strong at The Paramount

At the Paramount in Huntington, Billy Joel performed

(Credit: Randee Daddona)

Yeah, he’s not retiring.

Billy Joel’s concert Wednesday night at The Paramount, his first on Long Island in 11 years, was not the work of a man at the edge of calling it quits. Joel has told me that he doesn’t want to keep performing when he’s not at the top of his game, when he’s the past-his-prime ballplayer who can no longer hit the fastball.

Well, his Huntington concert showed that...

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