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Tony Bennett at Radio City in top form

Tony Bennett was a class act as he

(Credit: Getty Images)

Watching Tony Bennett perform is like watching Usain Bolt run.

The effortlessness and the beauty are so impressive that it’s only afterward that you realize all the training and discipline that went into it. It’s hard work making it all look so easy.

Bennett’s show at Radio City Music Hall last night was sleek and streamlined – barely over an hour, but with only a handful of pauses....

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Paul McCartney plays Queens high school

Paul McCartney promotes his forthcoming album "New" with

(Credit: MJ KIM/MPL Communications)

Paul McCartney faced a crowd of screaming teens in Queens again.

But unlike the first time — nearly 50 years ago, when 3,000 of them skipped school to greet The Beatles at John F. Kennedy Airport — Wednesday's event was part of the curriculum. McCartney was the special guest at the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts in Astoria, as the school's founder Tony Bennett watched from the wings, for...

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Intro 10.7.13: Videos from Rodriguez, The Weeknd, AFI and more

"Searching for Sugar Man," directed by Malik Bendjelloul,

(Credit: Sony Pictures Classics )

Rodriguez, of “Searching for Sugar Man” fame, begins to net some of the fame he has long deserved at Barclays Center Wednesday and Radio City Music Hall Thursday.

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