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'American Idol' recap: Jena Irene will probably win

"American Idol" season 13's final 2: Caleb Johnson

(Credit: Fox / Michael Becker)

The race for the next “American Idol” is going to be a tight one.

It’s not like either Jena Irene or Caleb Johnson dominated the final performance night. And since there isn’t really a demographic difference that gives one of them an edge, it really is up for grabs.

Jena Irene took two of the three rounds, though not by big margins. And sales would suggest that she is ahead since her...

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'American Idol' recap: Alex Preston impresses, but will likely be cut

Alex Preston performs A Great Big World's "Say

(Credit: Fox / Michael Becker)

Somehow, it only seems fitting that Season 13 of “American Idol” is limping to a close, with its surest singer losing his voice and its shining young hope showing some mistakes due to her inexperience.

As it celebrated its 500th episode with a retrospective and greetings from many of its past winners, it only serves as a reminder that none of this season’s remaining singers could really compete...

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'American Idol' recap: Caleb Johnson amazes on Top 4 week

A look at "American Idol's" final four contestants:

(Credit: Fox / Michael Becker)

It may have been “Love Week” on “American Idol,” but the judges were oddly critical, especially considering they are only two weeks from the finale.

Now, there are always big-picture shenanigans involved when it comes to “Idol” producers. (Their failed attempts to save Sam Woolf from going home last week by creating a “twist,” where a unanimous vote from the Top 5 to have no elimination that...

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'American Idol' 13 recap: Alex Preston charms on Top 5 week

"American Idol" Top 5 (from left): Jena Irene,

(Credit: Fox / Michael Becker)

The most interesting part of “Idol Request Week” is how well the country (the producers?) did picking songs for the Top 5.

It was, as Harry Connick Jr., said late in the show, as if the country really cared about the contestants. Leaning on lots of current and recent hits, as well as special guests Ariana Grande and Zooey Deschanel, the show felt the freshest it has seemed all season. Maybe...

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'American Idol' recap: Caleb Johnson steady, strong in Top 6 Week

"American Idol" Top 6, from left: Caleb Johnson,

(Credit: Fox / Michael Becker)

The hardest part of “American Idol” theme weeks is that the finalists basically have to learn and stage a song within a week. For “Rock and Roll and Country” week, the Top 6 had to learn two songs and the strain showed.

Aside from the ever-solid Caleb Johnson, none of the contenders could handle the pressure. Does that make Caleb the winner? Maybe, though the similarity of his two performances...

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'American Idol' recap: Alex Preston leads Top 7

Alex Preston performs The Police's "Every Breath You

(Credit: Fox / Frank Micelotta)

Usually “American Idol” producers get what they want.

Last season, they wanted a female winner and they did everything in their power to make it happen. This season, they want teen heartthrob Sam Woolf to happen, a tall order considering his inexperience. Barring that, they clearly want a showdown between Caleb Johnson and Jena Irene, the two power singers.

The thing is Alex Preston...

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'American Idol' tour set for Nassau Coliseum

"American Idol" top 10 contestants, clockwise from left:

(Credit: Fox / Michael Becker)

While this season of “American Idol” is still pretty much up for grabs, the “American Idol Live” tour featuring the Top 10 finalists is already set, including a July 11 stop at Nassau Coliseum.

The Season 13 tour kicks off in Binghamton, N.Y., on June 24 and runs through Aug. 23 in Redmond, Wash. Tickets go on sale May 9 through

Will a star emerge from this year’s...

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'American Idol' recap: Caleb Johnson dominates '80s Week

AMERICAN IDOL XIII: Contestant Caleb Johnson

(Credit: Fox / Michael Becker)

After last week’s “American Idol” results show, the conspiracy theorists were out in force.

Did teenage heartthrob Sam Woolf really get the fewest votes last week? Or did producers say that he did so that he’d be saved by the judges to energize his tween-heavy fanbase? I’m not usually one for conspiracy theories, but considering Wednesday night’s opening for ’80s Week, they sure did need Sam...

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'American Idol' recap: Alex Preston takes Top 8 his way

Alex Preston is first to perform with his

(Credit: Fox / Michael Becker)

As theme weeks go, “Back to the Start Week” is pretty good for “American Idol.”

It lets the finalists return to a song they know well and use it to show off their skills. It also allows them to get more of their personal stories out to their fans.

Here’s how the night shook out:

1. Alex Preston, “Fairytales”: This is why they should let the finalists sing their own songs. It’s...

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'American Idol 13' recap: Alex Preston leads Top 10 week

"American Idol" season 13 contestant Alex Preston.

(Credit: Fox / Michael Becker)

Harry Connick Jr., is admirably trying to educate viewers of “American Idol” on the basics of music theory.

On “Top 10 Night,” where the Top 10 finalists picked songs that reached the Top 10 from the last four years, Connick even sang sharp to show C.J. Harris what he was doing wrong. (C.J. was doing much more than that wrong, though.)

The problem, though, is that Connick sometimes overreaches...

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