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'American Idol' Season 12: Candice Glover soars, but will she go home?

"American Idol's" final three from left, Angie Miller,

(Credit: Fox)

This is what “American Idol” does best.

Most of the show’s problems faded away last night, as the focus shifted away from the comments from outsiders and the judges’ odd bickering back to the contestants for Hometown Visit Week. When (is “if” actually possible?) producers retool “Idol” in the off-season to try to reverse its ratings collapse, they should remember this show and go back to the...

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'American Idol' Season 12: Candice Glover leads Final 4 fight night

Judges Mariah Carey and Randy Jackson on "American

(Credit: Fox)

The wheels are officially coming off the “American Idol” bus.

Pretty much everyone looked bewildered during last night’s show, from the Final Four contestants to the feuding judges to even normally unflappable host Ryan Seacrest.

It was a mess. Just in time for the first show of the May ratings book! And for its first head-to-head battle of the year with “The Voice”! (“The Voice” aired...

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