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Summer Jam 2013: Hot 97's night of surprises and boldface names

Mariah Carey performs at the Hot 97 Summer

(Credit: AP )

Hot 97's annual Summer Jam is the New York hip-hop mainstay's way of planting its flag, taking over a stadium for a workday's worth of sets by the biggest names -- some of whom are announced in advance, some aren't. The announced bill for Sunday night's 20th installment of the festival split the difference between hip-hop legends (the also-turning-20 Staten Island collective Wu-Tang Clan; the Brooklyn-born...

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'American Idol' finale: Candice Glover should win, but...

The "American Idol" season 12 final two, from

(Credit: Fox)

Hey, “American Idol” had a good finale!

Both Candice Glover and Kree Harrison performed well and the choice is in the “Idol” voters’ hands now. (And the judges didn’t get to talk much, so it was even more enjoyable than usual.)

Who will win? Well, if this was purely a singing competition, it would be Candice, who was both bolder with her vocal choices and a stronger singer overall. But...

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'American Idol' Season 12: Candice Glover soars, but will she go home?

"American Idol's" final three from left, Angie Miller,

(Credit: Fox)

This is what “American Idol” does best.

Most of the show’s problems faded away last night, as the focus shifted away from the comments from outsiders and the judges’ odd bickering back to the contestants for Hometown Visit Week. When (is “if” actually possible?) producers retool “Idol” in the off-season to try to reverse its ratings collapse, they should remember this show and go back to the...

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